Tip#2 Building a Website is like developing a Business Plan


Define the type of website:  marketing, social, promotion, cataloging, e-commerce,etc.

Next, start to define your unique ideas and content. You may want to look online for similar sites to find out what you think works or does not work!

• Gather images, videos and copy. Consider the theme of your site & you will start to define the look & feel of your site.

• Be exact & clear; what do you want people to know & see online? Remember that the look of your site ought to reflect the feel of your business, product or ideas. Design layouts, colors, fonts, graphics, photographs, all the visual images, should reflect your business style.

• The copy, in many cases, needs to be brief but more importantly it needs to be organized and easy to follow. Tell people what you want them to know in a tone that you want them to hear. • GET IT? • Do you follow me? • I hope you understand. • Exactly, YES!

Pick a writing style that you feel good about, that comes naturally to you because your ‘call to action’  may be asking for a phone call and the message and tone you portray online ought to transfer to your ‘live’ self/business.

So, Make a bullet list.  Remember that you are revealing your ideas, product and work to the world.

Next, Define your style. This goes hand&hand with your content, like a good marriage there is compromise but a ton of compatibility.

• What pace will you set for the user online? Is it a in-your-face high-speed impact website?  Music, animation and the pace of  information can get you the results you want! Or will your site be a breathe of fresh air online, allowing the user to take time and visit your site,  learn about your business and be in charge of the pace of interactivity with your website?


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