Working with Sub Contractors



For several years I have contracted  programmers, designers, copywriters and hosting servers. I have found that there are right and wrong fits. My ultimate goal is represented in this formula:

Best Person + Project & Clear Communication  = < time = >return ($) = 🙂 client & repeat business

I spend a good deal of my time overseeing the people that work with me. I call, email and create copious diagrams for them so that they are informed in written and visual  formats. This is to ensure myself that they have crystal clear understanding of the current scope of work, the time frame of the work and the project’s potential future. I tell them about the project and the client. I have hired them and I want them focused, comprehending & I want commitment.  I ask them a lot of questions over and over again throughout the project.  Do you understand? Can you explain that back to me? Do you have any input;  please share your thoughts and ideas on the project and other questions along those lines.

I expect them to reply to my emails promptly and I expect them to either answer the phone or call me back within the day or early the next day. I treat them the way I treat my clients. I am courtesy, thoughtful and informed and I communicate.


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