Popularity Online

Complexity presents an opportunity and a threat at the same time
Successful online marketing strategies take time and effort. If you take a moment to consider the time & effort it takes to develop a relationship with a friend I believe you will gain some understanding of social media and it’s worth to you. If you want to know what’s on my mind continue reading..

First off,  figure out who you want your target audience to be. Know that you will need to understand their lingo & be receptive and attentive to your new best friends.  Once you know who you want to address I suggest you introduce yourself & plan to spend time getting to know them. Gear your visual & written communication directly to them. Set up a solid foundation; use their lingo, know their likes & dislikes & represent their icons.

I believe that if you are respectful and sincere to your new best friends & that you are comfortable & devoted to communicating with them many of them will follow you.

We want your business and/or your product to get the attention and receive the benefits. So plan an online marketing strategy that you are comfortable utilizing and use it!

One more thing: YouTube.


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