Generating your popularity online can be a taxing time consuming business but if you look at it the right way it is worth the effort.

Consider the time and energy you devote to maintaining your physique: eating , exercising, going to the spa for a treatment,  all this is necessary to stay in tune and keep all eyes on you. Now,  translate that into the online mode and you might understand that the effort you make will get you the attention you want online.

Set yourself into action. Create a list of keywords or topics that define your work, project and then focus on incorporating them into your essays, comments  & posts.

Write about things other like minded people will find interesting and informative and encourage them to add a comment or link.

As an example; if I were a dancer I might discuss or comment on

1.the best and worst dance slippers brand names and pros and cons

2. recent performances I had a part in  and what I found challenging about my part

3. a difficult audition and the list of specific issues that arose

4. My top ten  list of great dancers

5. natural remedies for sore feet.


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