Illuminating My Character

I have found that writing a blog has allowed me time to write well thought out answers to questions that will not work as a tweet or that I hesitate to share on facebook.
I wrote this around 4 years ago when I was in the midst of applying for graduate school. It has been both a surprise as well as refreshing to find this, read it and reflect on my present state of mind.
Relationships Morals
I describe myself as a good-natured person. My most prominent characteristic is the level of patience I possess. In conversations I listen and sincerely focus on understanding each speakers
topic and point of view. When issues become heated I focus on the true core of the argument and remain logical and calm as often as possible. Personal relationships are founded in respect. Components of my successful 30 year relationship with my husband are my sense of humor, innate patience and dedication to being a woman with her own ideas and sense of direction.

Values Work
I value time and try not to take it for granted. I donate my time and skills to local charities as members of the National Charity League and the East Valley Boys Service Club my family and I have assisted a variety of charities in our community. For example, we have often prepared and shared dinners for visitors at the Ronald McDonald house. This is a heartwarming as well as heart-wrenching experience; to share is worth every emotional second.

Art is the foundation of my skill base. Building upon my skill set is critical to my continued success. I use my graphic design and web development knowledge and skill for both profit and non-profit businesses. Currently, I am donating an entire website design and development to the Lion’s Sight and Hearing Foundation of Arizona. I love my work, I love my clients; both paying and non-paying. I enjoy the challenge of each project on my schedule.

Values LIFE
My family is the key to my heart and the breathe of hope and joy for me each and everyday.
We had our two kids in our 30’s and it was a conscious decision to stay home and work as a freelance illustrator and photographer while my husband went off to work each morning. It has been a workable solution, while achieving my professional goals I am fortunate to know my children and husband very well.

We all have something in life that weighs on our spirits. My husband is an epileptic. A wonderful person filled with love that lives with risk each day. He may have a seizure at any given moment, in a million dollar meeting, while driving; it can happen and it has. The time and effort it has taken for us to address this medically, put our life in proper perspective and move forward at home, at work and in our community has allowed my entire family to grow stronger and much more compassionate.
It is one of my goals to have us live life with our eyes as wide open as possible. The action we practice is to be present and in the moment.


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