Usability Part1


Design to the audience and their hardware

Create 3 personas and build content to meet their needs
1. EX: Teacher
2. EX: Parent
3. EX: Kids

Design layout should be familiar as well as functional

➢ Home Page is different from the others. It is designed to convey the big picture of the site
➢ Be selective about what is placed on the homepage, and make sure the options and links presented there are the most important ones on the site.
➢ Clearly and prominently communicate the purpose and value of the Web site on the homepage.
➢ Content organization is highly intuitive.

Design all pages to be printable.

Add Instruction page for newbie’s: how to best use the info on the site /how to access the info.

Design & build for accessibility to all: hearing/sight
➢ Some of the major accessibility issues to be dealt with include:
➢ Provide text equivalents for non‐text elements;
➢ Ensure that scripts allow accessibility;
➢ Provide frame titles; Enable users to skip repetitive navigation links; Ensure that plug‐ins and applets meet the requirements for accessibility; and
➢ Synchronize all multimedia elements.
➢ Where it is not possible to ensure that all pages of a site are accessible, designers should provide equivalent information to ensure that all users have equal access to all information.
➢ For more information on Section 508 and accessibility, see Announce major changes to a Web site on the homepage—do not surprise users.


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