Are you listening? Show me an expression;happy, sad, confused..whatever! I like to meet my clients face-to-face. I certainly don’t mind typing my messages and sharing my thoughts and ideas in cyberworld, I have all the accounts, yep; I am plugged in, but when I meet someone in person I feel like I have a connection that is unique I am in the same space and time and I am able to sense whether we have a go in business or even have similar likes or dislikes, I can even tell if there is NOT going to be another meeting. All of this real-time sharing seems more genuine then communications I have shared in Facebook and LinkedIn. Do Not get me wrong I am still working on my profiles on ALL the accounts and I suggest you do the same; right away!!
What I mean to say is that I feel more connected and it becomes more about the ‘us’ of communication rather then the; ‘me-me and wait let me tell you more about me’ of communication. So as I consider my latest adventure of creating a virtual character in ‘Second Life’, because I feel the need to know, I look forward to my next face-to face meeting.
Skype and Abode Connect might be the type of platforms that suite me better…


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