Rules I consider when designing websites and partaking in social networking

MY 8 Rules:

Rule#1 Content is King

Rule#2 Design to the audience : primary | secondary | drop bys

Rule#3 Simple is VERY effective. Become a minimalist

Rule#4 Minimal clicking is optimal: give the user the info ASAP

Rule#5 Build to inform and entertain!
[private note: Be smart about it : PLAN your strategy
Strategize and formulate your design and the content to get RETURN visitors]

Rule#6 Pictures speak a thousand words. Words? Keep it brief.

Rule#7 Images? Strive for WOW factor [private note: Because we are designers our images should be as close to incredible as we are capable of producing-even more than incredible is better] see #6

Rule#8 [Websites & Social media] Choose wisely: the information and content you place on line will create a persona and image that you will want to:
1. still like in 5 years
2. be proud of in five years
3. represent the best you have to offer ..timeless: content that stands the test of time


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