Google Privacy- HTML5- memberships and networking

I do have a load on my mind this week besides taxes that are due this afternoon.

• I have concerns about the Online Privacy acts and the fact that where there once were 70 rules | laws, there will now be around 10: as of tomorrow March 1st, 2012. I consider this to be a complex, multi-tiered and even emotional subject. Many folks are not aware or not concerned about the fact that the browsing they do is tracked, the data is gathered then mined to create persona profiles. This information profile about you (and your like minded peers) made up of  your ‘likes’, interests and browsing history will then be sold to Advertisers.  Advertisers tailor what you see Online to mirror your browsing profile; a profile that  is made up of information collected from your browsing. Is that really all anyone is looking for Online?

Factors that come to mind: this could be convenient | this is boxing me in and placing me in a category and I try to stay away from  labeling | pigeon-holing | etc

For now..More after the taxes are turned in!


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