Real Life and Advertising

I feel like I  live in an ever changing world of updates, upgrades and modifications,  always on the lookout for trends in style design and technology. I will also add that I balance my life as a  proud wife, daughter, sister, friend and best of all a mom. There is more; I hope you get my drift here; I am busy doing and thinking a lot; a lot of the time.

If you are visual it seems like this: At times I feel as if  there is a breathing living  plethora of  knowledge and skills moving in on me; like a swirling cone of leaves continuously swirling all around me. Some of them are so beautiful or unique that I  stop, grab them then take time to examine and investigate them, others are big and picky, still others just more of the same.

I believe this: BEHAVIOR MAKES MORE FRIENDS THEN ADVERTISING ; at home and in the office.

Petting, playing and talking to the dogs is a CONSTRUCTIVE use of time

I will always drop what I am doing if you need me because being PRESENT and ENGAGED  is the key to successful living


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