Every day is a good day

Working and Saturdays

August 26, 2012

..sort of seems like this is the main theme of my whole  life these days.

Worked on the new site design for Web-Strata today. After a successful merger with the Experiential Environments team; we will combine our talents and showcase them

on our new site.. We hope to launch by the end of September!  Very excited and uber busy on this project.

Web-Strata is continuing to work on the lnbengraving site. We are moving forward with a new e-commerce set-up that will be completed in mid -September.

The AZ Milk Producers and the Phoenix Zoo have been in touch about the re-model of the Harmony Farms School house (Interactive Milk Bottle Kiosk; a 2008-09 project,  is inside). We hope to be hired for some new graphic design and fabrication work for the interior of the building.

Working on R&D for a secure site design with members only access.

heading off line for a few..


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