I work and I have a family, friends, bills to pay, food to shop for and cook and serve to my family (when it fits in!) , dogs that watch me all day long while I work then finally get that long walk they have been waiting for and I like to blow off steam with exercise so I add that to the first list of things that come to mind that I ‘do’. Like this run on sentence I am on the run. I know I am not alone in this flow of life. I see my daughter a  a full time Bio Chemistry major with two internships (hospitals),  a side job and a cat (‘that cat’ is another story). I see my son who works part-time is a full time Food & Nutrition Management major and performs around the Valley with his band Jasper Drive (they are good). I watch and I hear them talk about life and I hope that my husband and I have shown them the importance of balance in one’s life.  My husband and I talk and we laugh and we work together on projects for a few local clients. At times we even argue but in the end we always agree to politely disagree with one another (Thank you Anchor Man).

Moments. These words represent moments to me.  When it comes to the balance that nurtures my peace of mind and brightens my heart the moments are all around me.


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