IN-sight into team work

GIT 210  2/19

TEAM PROJECT/12 items  Results from Considerations: Your Team/ Personal

Excerpts from those of you that turned in comments


Two people did most of the work


NO team leader but a team initiator


Team guidelines would have hindered our creativity


Our team worked well and had fun


My role in the group was the support, we all had a similar role and we all worked as a team


We had fun with ridiculous proposals


I was designated team leader and my job was to make sure we didn’t get too out of hand


We all have large imaginations and none of us are too bashful


Be open-minded of everyone’s contributions and communicate as much as possible


It was a comical experience some time was wasted but it connected the group. We got the silliness out early.


Too many of the same type of person can be unproductive


No one put down anyone’s idea, we all analyzed them constructively


I was the leader of the group and I think that suited me well.


I learned that you couldn’t always count on people in your group to pull their weight. However, I would hope that these kinds of people would not be employed by a company that I work for.


We agreed to each present two items so a fair amount of work was done between us all.


My role was the scribe. I think the role suited me because I am very organized and I like knowing what’s going on.


I could’ve given the group more input into how the presentation was put together instead of doing it and sending them the link after. ..on a “real” project that strategy might not work as well.


All the other items were based on usefulness and some constructive criticism from the group.


We all made sure nobody’s ideas were shot down and that everyone had a fair voice.


My idea was to bring a How To Survive In The Desert book. Everyone laughed hysterically and thought it wasn’t a bad idea. I felt positive about the team.



I learned that 6 minds are better than 1.


I could be more prepared next time maybe.



I learned that with a willing group of people, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.






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