Great resource!:  Essential Elements of Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

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Swim Lane


A swim lane (or swimlane diagram) is a visual element used in process flow diagrams, or flowcharts, that visually distinguishes job sharing and responsibilities .

My Hiring Process Swim Lane Flowchart

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Design Strategy


Social Media & Communication Strategist: Develop messaging strategy and build relationships with customers; engage them using visual elements, tone of voice, authentic storytelling, series of events, or explanations of processes. Develop social media plans and standardize the process and workflow. Conduct ongoing research; analysis of trends, conversation tracking, competitive comparisons, and evaluation of initiatives.

facebook Secret group, an Instructional guide

Training & Instruction: Train Stakeholders to adopt ownership of campaigns. Research best instructional design practices, appropriate tools and support documentation for training groups and individuals. Create documentation and conduct training sessions.

This pdf file is the complete guide for Instructors : facebookIINSTRUCTOR

This pdf is the complete guide for the participants: facebookSTUDENT