Game Design

Winning a contract to design and build a kiosk, acquire educational games, create an interface to run the games, build a custom computer and program a touch monitor was a fun and rewarding project.

After rendering numerous full color mock-ups the Arizona Milk Producers selected a milk bottle with a splash. I contracted a custom fabricator to construct this 7 foot high steel reinforced fiberglass kiosk to look like an old fashion milk. Accessibility requirements were meet by providing users with two window levels, wheelchair accessible and a pull out step for younger participants. We selected a wrap material that was durable and easy to clean and maintain. There is a hidden door in the back and within the kiosk there are two custom built computer towers and speakers that run 24-7, a no-sound fan runs to keep the system cool. The interface was designed for touch screen interaction and for audiences of an age range from 4-10. I created the sound track and animation for the interface and contracted the programming for the touch screen. We continue our relationship with the Arizona Milk Producers by maintaining the software and hardware.

You can visit this kiosk in the Wind Mill House in the Harmony Farm section of the Phoenix Zoo.

Design and fabrication of Kiosk and Interactive Gaming Interface

located at the Phoenix Zoo, Wind Mill House. #customdesign, #custombuilt, #projectmanagement, #interactive, #gamekiosk

I used my instructional and visual design skills when I won the contract to design and develop a game for the Phoenix Zoo Educational website. Adherence to a grant requirements to use 26 native animals within on interactive game that incorporated the map of the zoo was a fun and challenging project. I designed the game strategy in collaboration with the Educational Director at the Phoenix Zoo. I wanted to include each of the 26 animals original calls  as well as the animal history in a story format delivered with a tone of excitement through the use of teen audio talent. The strategy of the game included a sense of discovery to engage students and users of the Phoenix Zoo website. Managing every aspect of this intense project from multiple full color idea presentations, designing graphics, illustrations, audio recording, contracting talent, programming, copy editing, and communication with the client was an opportunity to use my skills a product developer of user centered branded interaction. It was another successful project which ran on the educational website, Edventure@ the Phoenix Zoo where I was hired as a design strategist and my team programmed.

Just the Facts Jack and Jill

#productdesign, # usercentereddesign, # interactivedesign, #projectmanagement, #gamedesign #webdesignanddevelopment


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