Saiburda’s Wish: A Dog’s story

#1 Saiburda’s Wish
If you ever need a friend and just can’t get along with people get a dog or cat. I suggest you treat them kindly and you will reap the benefits of a loyal true companion. Try treating people the same way you treat your animal friend.
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#2 Mine, all mine.
Sharing space, toys, clothes even a bite of your ice cream easier for some then other. Basically, we all need a little something to call our very own.
Give yourself permission not to share.
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#3 Permanent House Guest
I know I like my own space at home. Guests are welcome but by invitation only. Poor Saiburda, now what?
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Communication =Time

#4 Figure it out
It is hard work to keep an open mind about sharing space with others. And when company arrives with no definite plans of a departure date the first few days are often full of miscommunication.
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Fitting in

#5 Everyone belongs somewhere and it takes time for any new comer to fit in. So I suggest we all  work at feeling comfortable in the world and try to live and let live. If it gets weird or confusing  put your best poker face on and play on.
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