Design Management

2016-03-17 13.39.32

New Product Development: Human, Business and Technical Perspective. Awareness of multi-cultural diversity. Lead discovery and ideation of designs, conducted research and analysis of competitors for new supplemental product. Collaborated with Product Manager, interaction team and software engineers in an Agile work model with Sprints and Daily standups. Lead team in prioritization techniques. Developed user stories and personas. Participated in testing and usability analysis. Evaluated Accessibility. Improved user interaction and product branding. Communicated with cross- functional teams and stakeholders to share strategic framework vision, goals, and value proposition. Introduced cloud asset management.

For me, a designer and a manager, the work is about the efficiency of the design and development process, making time to constructively evaluate results and time to make improvements. Then to test again. From concept to product launch I work with teams to validate and incur success every step of the way. Ideation, iteration, collaboration and prototyping solutions for the target audience.

My goals and professional aspirations include confidently achieving success in every project.

  • Be accountable for every step of creative process
  • Brainstorm with clients and contractors about design solutions, options, development feasibility, technical needs
  • Project Manage all phases; planning, procurement and execution, quality assurance
  • Distribute projects and tasks to appropriate team members and vendors
  • Conduct extensive research on competition, develop personas that fit user base in order to better understand industry opportunities and challenges
  • Evaluate, critique and contribute to design and content organization
  • Collaborate with teams to evaluate wire-frames, low to high fidelity mock-ups, prototypes
  • Oversee quality assurance of all Assets designs
  • Work in Agile and Waterfall workflows
  • Encourage cross team evaluation of projects for usability evaluation
  • Usability UI/UX
  • Mentor team in professional growth and development
  • Create training tutorials on webpage management and maintenance
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Brand Uniformity
  • Business Collateral

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